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Every month our courses are attended by people from all over the world. The class composition is varied, there are never students of just one nationality. This encourages the use of Italian language not only during the lessons but also in different contexts, in the daily Venetian life  and during the aternoon activities. The average age  of the students ranges from 20 to 50, but there are students of every age in the classrooms.

Here are some comments left by our students

Annie, French (level 5, advanced)
"I wanted to study Italian and I wanted to do it in Venice, so I choose The Venice Institute. It was my first time in Venice and I had been fascinated immediately by this city in which I feel like in a place out of time because there are no cars indeed! I really like the Italian course I am attending here at The Venice Institute, and specially the art course, which I find very funny and interesting. I really recommend this school to anyone who wants to study Italian . I hope I will have the opportunity to return to Italy soon."
Mark, Moroccan (level 4, upper-intermediate)
"I really like learning Italian here. There are wonderful and enthusiastic teachers and the lessons are a good-balance between grammar and communication. I never get bored! The activities during the afternoon are very interesting and we learn to love Venice and our permanence here acquires a different dimension."
Marit, German (level 3, intermediate)
"Learning Italian at The Istituto Venezia has been very interesting! The teachers are always very nice and funny. The atmosphere is almost homely. I’ve really learnt a lot in these two weeks. I think that staying in class with people from other countries is a very big opportunity. The activities in the afternoon have also been very amusing. I haven’t only studied Italian but I’ve also learnt a lot more, I’ve lived the so called "dolce vita" and I’ve known the Italian culture. I would really come back again."
Hannah, John, Brian, Americans (level 1, principiant)
"I thought the August session was an excellent introduction to Italian. The instructors were helpful and made the class and the learning experience fun. While frustrating at first, I thought that “Italian only” approach was excellent in providing the enviroment one needs to successfully learn the language and further encourages one to speak and think in Italian. I enjoyed the experience immensely. I can honestly say I learned a lot more than I expected and that my oral and written skills have left me confident in doing everyday activities. The teachers were always willing to answer our questions and were of course a lot of fun. Total immersion into the language was at first a struggle but it definetely paid off in the end and the discussions we had in class were very helpful for practising Italian. The 1 month of Italian was very effective. I was able to pick up the language relatively quickly. The teachers answered any questions I had throughly until they were sure we understood the subject . I found learning Italian to be a funny and rewarding experience. It was overall a success in my opinion."
Vanessa, German (level 3, intermediate)
"The teachers at Istituto Venezia are able to focus on grammar as well as on speaking abilities. All the staff is very concerned about the students, they are friendly and helpful. I’ve always felt at home at school and I learnt a lot."

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