italian cooking class in VeniceIstituto Venezia offers Italian language and Cooking classes for its students!

Anchovies marinade, peeling artichokes, rolling out pasta...Italian regional cuisine will have no more secrets for you as Istituto Venezia has now its own fully equipped kitchen to offer the following activities:



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Saturday cooking

Fee per person for 1 day 60 euro

Saturday lab

On Saturday morning, you will go shopping at the famous fish and vegetables market in Rialto and you will taste a local aperitif. During the afternoon you will cook the meal and in the evening you will have dinner all together, serving food with an excellent selection of regional wines.

Minimum 3 people.



Saturday cooking

Saturday cooking

On Saturdays: meeting at 10 am on Rialto bridge, where students do the grocery shopping at the famous Rialto Market and then have an aperitif with the teacher. Then students and teacher go to school to continue with the practical cooking lesson and have lunch all together. 

The available dates for 2018 are:


17 February
17 March
7 April
2 June
7 July
4 August
1 September
29 September
20 October
17 November

Seasonal menus are as follow:
October, November, February: Risotto with mushrooms and blueberries, Tagliatelle with coffee sauce and king prawns, Venetian fritters, red chicory salad.
March, April. May: Risotto with seafood, Ravioli with asparagus, artichokes from the island of Sant'Erasmo.
June, July, August, September: Spaghetti alla chitarra (fresh hand-made egg pasta made with a traditional board that resembles a guitar) with mussels and clams sauce, eggplant parmigiana, cream made with cassata siciliana, orange and fennels salad.




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