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Learning a language is much more than being familiar with its grammar rules: it also entails learning in-depth about the culture it represents. Included in the course price the possibility to improve your knowledge of Italian culture thanks to the social activities.

  • Monday 22th May: Walking tour of the city and welcome aperitif.
  • Tuesday 23th May: The Miramare Castle and Park.
  • Wednesday 24th May: A night in an “osmiza”.
  • Thursday 25th May: Italo Svevo and James Joyce Museum. Cooking class.
  • Monday 29th May: The hill of S.Giusto.
  • Tuesday 30th May: Boat trip to Muggia.
  • Wednesday 31th May: The Revoltella Museum.
  • Thursday 1th June: The Park of S. Giovanni.
  • Monday 5th June: Scenic Walking Trail: The Strada Napoleonica.
  • Tuesday 6th June: The Risiera of S. Sabba.
  • Wednesday 7th June: The Orthodox Churches of S.Nicolò und S.Spiridione.
  • Thursday 8 June: The Giant Cave.
  • Monday 12th June: The path through the “pastini” (terracing vineyards) from Prosecco to Miramare.
  • Tuesday 13th June: The Karst Visitor Center. Cooking class.
  • Wednesday 14th June: A night in an “osmiza”.
  • Thursday 15th June: The shipyard Museum in Monfalcone.

reserve for free a bicycle. For the lovers of the bike the school organizes one afternoon excursion every week in the area surrounding Trieste with a tour guide. Itineraries are easy and accessible for all, with pauses for sights, a drink etc.

  • participate in nice sail boat excursions with captain Lorenzo or with our yachtwoman Marina, exploring Trieste's gulf:a day on a sail boat, including lunch and swimming, costs 30 euro per person. These excursions are easy and accessible to anyone.

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