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Learning a language is much more than being familiar with its grammar rules: it also entails learning in-depth about the culture it represents. Included in the course price the possibility to improve your knowledge of Italian culture thanks to the social activities.

  • Monday 10th October, Discovering wine. Wine lexicon and wine tasting session in a wine-shop.
  • Tuesday 11th October, Welcome party.
  • Wednesday 12th October, Italian in songs: "Ma il cielo è sempre più blu" by R.Gaetano.
  • Thursday 13th October, Visit to the exhibition "Culture Chanel" at Ca' Pesaro.
  • Friday 14th October, Walking tour from S.Margherita and S.Nicolò dei Mendicoli.
  • Monday 17th October, Grammar workshop: prepositions.
  • Tuesday 18th October, Visit to the exhibition "Alberto Burri" at Casa dei Tre Oci.
  • Wednesday 19th October, Italian in songs: "Vita spericolata" by V. Rossi.
  • Friday 21st October "Le stanze del vetro". Visit to the exhibition of Paolo Venini's artwork in S.Giorgio.
  • Monday 24th October, Cinema at school: "Io sono Li".
  • Tuesday 25th October, Walking tour - Itinerary about Carlo Scarpa.
  • Wednesday 26th October, Italian in songs: "L'anno che verrà", by L.Dalla.
  • Thursday 27th October, Language workshop: idioms.
  • Friday 28th October, Evening walking tour in the Ghetto.
  • Monday 31st October, Cinema at school: "The tourist". Find the mistakes!
  • Tuesday 1st November, Visit to the island of S.Lazzaro degli Armeni.
  • Wednesday 2nd November, Italian in songs: "La guerra di Piero" by F. De André
  • Thursday 3rd November, Walking tour about historic Venetian libraries.
  • Friday 4th November, Language workshop: direct and non-direct pronouns.

Thanks to the co-operation with VivoVenetia, it is now possible to book directly the following activities:

Excursion on a traditional boat with "vela al terzo"

Venetian rowing

Kayak excursion

Bycicle excursion in the northern lagoon




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