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Learning a language is much more than being familiar with its grammar rules: it also entails learning in-depth about the culture it represents. Included in the course price the possibility to improve your knowledge of Italian culture thanks to the social activities. 

  • Monday, 2nd April: Easter Monday at Gallerie dell'Accademia
  • Tuesday, 3rd April: typical and indispensable things in Venice
  • Wednesday, 4th April: Cannaregio distric: the Strada Nova.
  • Thursday, 5th April: art galleries and artisan workshops from Campo S. Stefano to Palazzo Grassi.
  • Friday, 6th April: San Marco district: a walk from Campo Manin to San Giovanni in Bragora.
  • Monday, 9th April: Rialto: "nizioleti" and jobs in Venice.
  • Tuesday, 10th April: visit to Palazzo Mocenigo
  • Wednesday, 11th April: curiosities about Cannaregio.
  • Thursday, 12th April: Italian in songs: "Ma il cielo è sempre più blu" by Rino Gaetano.
  • Friday, 13th April: spritz and poetry on the terrace.
  • Monday, 16th April: Rialto: the bridge, Fondaco dei Tedeschi, the market. Venice and its changes through the centuries.
  • Tuesday, 17th April: a walk in Castello district.
  • Wednesday, 18th April: Lido and Liberty Villas.
  • Thursday, 19th April: visit to Palazzetto Bru Zane.
  • Friday, 20th April: Venice through vintage photographs: a tour.
  • Monday, 23rd April: Doge Palace's capitals.
  • Tuesday, 24th April: Italian in songs: "Bocca di Rosa" and "La guerra di Piero" F. de Andrè.
  • Wednesday, 25th April: activity at school.
  • Thursday, 26th April: the Venetian alphabet: "a survival guide" for foreigners.
  • Friday, 28th April: Venice on early morning: a tourists-free way to discover the city.

Thanks to the co-operation with VivoVenetia, it is now possible to book directly the following activities:

Excursion on a traditional boat with "vela al terzo"

Venetian rowing

Kayak excursion

Bycicle excursion in the northern lagoon




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