photography course Venice

This photography class, adressed both to absolute beginners and to medium experienced photographers, aims to improve practical and theorethical knowledges, in order to represent the urban environments. Theoretical lessons and practice exercises on site, will allow the students to improve expressive skills and deepen critical thinking by decoding the photographic images.  



base photography course

Course dates
24.04 - 05.05
10.07 - 21.07
07.08 - 18.08
Course fee: 200 euro. Class size: min 4, max 8.


The course consists in 4 afternoon classes, each 3 hours long. It is open to everyone, from beginners to those who are already familiar with photographic techniques. 

Requirements: a camera (not a smartphone), if possible a camera that also allows manual adjustment, and a laptop where you can download and visualize pictures.

For further information, please contact us.



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