Yes, I have read and I accept the general conditions for application. The student, at the end of the registration procedure and, therefore, of the contract with Istituto Venezia srl, confirms that they have carefully read the informational document regarding the protection of privacy and the correct processing of their personal data, provided by the school along with the registration form (the information is available for download on ), pursuant to EU Regulation 679/2016 (GDPR).
The student thus confirms to fully approve the document in its entirety, section, provision and clause and to have fully understood the content and the rights illustrated therein, including the right to revoke such consent at any time and the total cancellation of their data.
Whenever need may arise, for the sole purpose of better using the educational services, students may communicate to the school their specific requests in relation to their own personal and / or physical conditions, which may constitute "sensitive data", in accordance with what is analytically illustrated in the above-mentioned information, which the student acknowledges to have read and understood.
The student also authorizes Istituto Venezia srl to periodically send information and promotional material on the school and on the courses.
For more detailed information according to EU Regulation 679/16 please click here.

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