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Learning a language is much more than being familiar with its grammar rules: it also entails learning in-depth about the culture it represents. Included in the course price the possibility to improve your knowledge of Italian culture thanks to the social activities. 

  • Monday 1st April, walking tour from Campo Manin to San Marco.
  • Tuesday 2nd April, sets in Venice: a walking tour about cinema and movie places in Venice.
  • Wednesday 3rd April, Venetian bridges.
  • Thursday 4th April, Italian in songs: Mina's lyrics.
  • Friday 5th April, looking for signs of time passing by: churches and palaces in Dorsoduro district.
  • Monday 8th April, set in Venice. a walking tour of cinema places in Venice.
  • Tuesday 9th April, a tour in Cannaregio: the Ghetto.
  • Wednesday 10th April, the tales hidden in Doge's Palace capitals.
  • Thursday 11th April, "Venezia è un pesce" (Venice is a fish): how to describe the city using Tiziano Scarpa's book.
  • Friday 12th April, Cannaregio district, a "different" Venice: Scalzi, Stazione, San Giobbe, Baia del Re, Area Saffa, Ca’ Savorgnan and Santa Lucia.
  • Monday 15th April, Rialto: history, architecture and current events.
  • Tuesday 16th April, cinema at school: "Nuovo cinema paradiso" by G. Tornatore.
  • Wednesday 17th April, how do venetians live? daily issues and topics about grocery shopping, garbage collecting, boats, cars, hospital, high tides, tourists, venetian dialect, etc.
  • Thursday 18th April, visit to Palazzetto Bru Zane.
  • Friday 19th April, advertisement words: stereotypes of the Italian lifestyle.
  • Monday 22nd April, Easter Monday: alternative activity (t.b.a.).
  • Tuesday 23rd April, cinema at school: "La dolce vita" by F. Fellini.
  • Wednesday 24th April, Venice is not just an old city: a tour to Giudecca and Sacca Fisola to discover modern architecture in town.
  • Thursday 25th April, Castello district: a tour from the Arsenal, going to San Martino, Campiello Gorne, San Francesco and San Zanipolo.
  • Friday 26th April, goodbye aperitif at school.

Thanks to the co-operation with VivoVenetia, it is now possible to book directly the following activities:

Excursion on a traditional boat with "vela al terzo"

Venetian rowing

Kayak excursion

Bycicle excursion in the northern lagoon



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