Intensive in Venice 2020

National holdays: 6th Jan, 13th April, 1st May, 2nd June, 8th December. During the weeks of 6th January and 8th December, we will do 5 hours of classes on 4 days. On 13th April, 1st May and 2nd June there will be an excursion or an alternative activity replacing group classes. For the art course, on the week of 1st May, we will do 15 hours on 4 days.

Intensive in Venice 2019

National holdays: 22nd April, 1th May, 15th August, 1st November. On these days, the school will organize a one-day excursion.

Intensive in Trieste 2020

Intensive in Trieste 2019

Cooking courses in Venice

Art courses in Venice 2020

Art courses in Venice 2019


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