Since 2005, the Italian language courses have been hosted in the former Closter of Santa Maria Maggiore, in the old town.

Trieste is a charming town between mountain and sea, near the border with Slovenia. Trieste is visited every year by quality tourism and offers lots of attractions and cultural life. It is a great pleasure to sit on the terrace of a cafè, drinking a prosecco and talking Italian in front of the sea.

Standard group courses will reprise on 8th April 2019.
Standard course: classes are held everyday from Monday to Friday, 4 hours a day in the morning, with two different teachers.
Maximum number of students per class is 12.
The course lasts 4 weeks - 80 hours - and is designed for beginner, intermediate, upper intermediate and advanced students.

According to their level, participants can acquire a basic knowledge of Italian or increase and perfect the knowledge they already have. Beginners can only enrol starting from week 1 of each course. It is also possible to enrol only for 1, 2 or 3 weeks. All teaching material and cultural activities in Trieste are included. Students can enrol in Individual courses and in Superintensive courses 1 or 2 (combination between the Intensive course and 1 or 2 hours Individual course in the afternoon.


methodology language coursesYour lessons will always be held in Italian because it is both the language and the culture we would like you to enjoy. We assure you that in doing so your progress will be quick and lasting. The teaching methodology is based on a fully communicative approach that promotes and encourages students’ active participation. It aims at developing oral and written communication skills. A wide variety of up-to-date authentic material is used in class, as valuable examples of real communication, thus introducing the students to Italian culture and society.

In order to increase and improve your Italian knowledge we use:

  • listening activities to improve your oral skills
  • oral and written productions
  • reading activities to improve your comprehension of written texts
  • activities in pairs or in groups
  • grammar workshops
  • vocabulary exercises
  • educational games to learn enjoying yourself
  • educational videos to improve your knowledge of Italy and its culture

During the course, the main communication skills - listening, speaking, reading and writing - are equally explored and gradually developed at all levels.
Every week the teachers adjust and enrich the programme of your group in order to satisfy your interests and requirements.

Our Staff

Our teachers of Italian languageThe quality of teaching and of the educational materials is very important for us. For this reason the members of our team have all attended special education seminars and teacher training programmes, especially the Itals Master Programme (Italian as second language) at Ca' Foscari University and have experienced teaching Italian as a foreign language.

Your teachers are always ready to help you, encourage you and comply with your learning method.
Teachers work as a team and arrange daily meetings in order to organize the different teaching departments; they regularly update their teaching material and discuss and compare different techniques.

Our Students says

Every month our courses are attended by people from all over the world. The class composition is varied, there are never students of just one nationality. This encourages the use of Italian language not only during the lessons but also in different contexts, in the daily Venetian life  and during the aternoon activities. The average age  of the students ranges from 20 to 50, but there are students of every age in the classrooms.

Here are some comments left by our students



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