Italian language Skype lessonsIf you choose this kind of tuition, you will be able to get in touch with one of our mothertongue teachers from home or from everywhere you have an internet access.
With your web-cam, it will be possible for you to see and talk to your teacher as if you were here in Italy.

The course programme will be tailored to your needs. The teacher will send you each time exercises, reading comprehensions, additional vocabulary to help you improving your self-study.

Our school will arrange the first on-line meeting and then you will schedule next lessons in the time and in the days you prefer directly with your teacher.
Nowadays, nearly everyone uses videocall programs for their job or to chat with friends and relatives. If you have never used them so far, then here’s what you need to start: a personal computer, an internet connection, headphones with a microphone and a web-cam (usually, almost all latest laptops do have a built-in web-cam).

Online lessons are usually one hour long but they might be 30 or 45 minutes long to guarantee a higher flexibility. 



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