1. Cancellation of enrolment must be communicated by registered letter, fax or email. If cancellation take place at least thirty-days before the beginning of the course, only 20% of the deposit will be lost: the rest will be refunded. If cancellation takes places after this deadline, the entire deposit is forfeit.
  2. Lessons are held from Monday to Friday, excepting Italian public holidays: 8th December. 
  3. If the student does not finish the course, fees will not be refunded. Any lessons unattended or any services unused will not be refunded.
  4. The school reserves the right to make such timetable changes as it seems necessary in the running of the Institute.
  5. On the first day, some classes could exceed the number of 6 participants until the definitive formation of groups and levels is set.
  6. The school accepts no responsibility for personal possessions or objects brought onto the premises, or for any damage caused by its students.
  7. Students are insured through the school (though only when physically inside the building) by Assitalia policy n.3395 which covers accident, hospitalization and medical expenses. All students are, however, advised to bring with them proof of medical insurance coverage arranged in their own country.


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